To instil curiosity and change the way people view one another

with a participatory approach to drawn and narrated portrait

  • Strengthen bonds, motivate people and bring them together around shared core values
  • Enhance demeaned or unknown jobs, give a fresh global vision of the chain of actors on a subject
  • Support change (relocation, reorganization, integration of new processes or new co-workers / neighbours…)


This approach makes it easier to talk to one another and get involved. It is a mediation to bring individuals together in a collective project which values each contributor.



The workshops, as part of a training program, allow to experience how fruitful collective intelligence can be, to increase one’s attention, focus on “soft skills”, and facilitate collaboration.



Awareness-raising and discussion sessions on recognition at work, cognitive biases, interculturality…

Public readings

The exhibitions can be enriched by public readings which give even more life to the portraits displayed.

Those shared moments strengthen people’s sense of belonging to a group whether they live in the same district or work in the same organization.


When displayed and shared, the portraits are a powerful act of recognition. Both singular and collective, they uncover what makes individuals unique as well as what connects us to one another. The gazes and the stories and their universal echoes all provide new conversation starters.

The portraits change the way we view our neighbours or co-workers. They humanize relations, highlighting people and their uniqueness behind their official position. They prompt new conversations and allow to create new bonds.

Whether they are organized within the company or aimed at the general public, the exhibitions are a way to communicate differently about people, their jobs and core values.