“There are always solutions. First try to calm the person, then identify the origin of the problem on a computer, printer, stocks …




Some saleswomen are very pleasant and give again the smile. Even at a distance, we get to know each other and appreciate each other. During a visit to Brugge with friends, I went to a shop. The saleswoman was astonished: ‘I did not think you were so young.’ “


With others, it is more difficult: “The fact that I am a girl, it did not please them. “Can I have your colleague?” Already, the tone of the saleswoman had a little irritated me. ‘He’s busy and no one else is available for now.’ ” Which was really the truth.


Soumia works in alternance (half time at school, half time in the company) in a team of three people for the hotline of a major clothing brand: 800 stores in France and Europe. Everybody speaks English ; The Spaniards and the Flemish part of Belgium are a little harder. “I learnt English on the job, I can now hold a conversation, including the technical part. Working in a hotline is not exactly what I wanted to do but it helped me to become less shy. My relatives see it. Even at work, one does not believe me when I say that I am someone very shy by nature: ‘You shy? You seemed to be so sure of yourself on the phone. It was square, there was nothing wrong. ‘So apparently, it still changed something. ” […]


Getting out of our own shell becomes a challenge where we have fun, as Soumia did by seizing the opportunity when I offered her to do her portrait. And behind the curtain, we discover a pioneer: Soumia is the only girl in her class for BTS Computer Services to Organizations. “When we say ‘computer’, we often imagine nerd guys with glasses. People are astonished when I tell them in what I am working.


I like taking care of myself, feeling feminine. I think it’s important. ” The hands in the sludge, certainly, but do not forget to remain a real chick! 




English translation by Nicolas Verhille, Dunkerque, France

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