An outdoor exhibit of portraits, drawn and written, with participatory readings Paris Habitat, Ville de Paris, Mairie du 19ème Arrondissement, Espace 19, Régie de Quartier 19e

The Power of Our Actions – Advocates for Cleanliness and the Environment






The goal of this exhibit, enhanced by guided tours and public readings, was to raise awareness about issues related to cleanliness and trash management in public spaces among those living in the Pont de Flandre neighborhood in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.


“The Power of Our Actions” engaged residents, associations and elected officials, and reached over 3,500 people.


  • Portraits were created and stories written about garbage collectors, maintenance workers, building caretakers, recycling coordinators, residents

  • Installation of an outdoor exhibit in collaboration with the residents and the associations Espace 19 and Régie de Quartier 19e

  • Participatory readings of the written portraits organized with the residents of the Pont de Flandre neighborhood in the 19th arrondissement


Many of the actions we take on a daily basis become so routine that we forget how important they are.


These diverse portraits, both drawn and written, reveal the impact that our actions or inactions have regarding issues of cleanliness and recycling of trash. Widening our view, all of them – whether a garbage collector, a maintenance worker, a building caretaker, a recycling coordinator or a resident – talk about solidarity, health, beautification, self-respect, respect for others, and protecting the environment.


I realized, through this exhibit, that I wasn’t acknowledging or saying hello to the people who clean the streets. After this exhibit, I began to respect them more by offering a smile to encourage them. »

Anne-Cécile, resident of the Pont de Flandre neighborhood




World Cleanup Day – Trash collection at the end of the exhibit, September 21, 2019

Avec cette exposition, je me suis rendue compte que je ne regardais pas les personnes qui balaient les rues. Aujourd’hui, je leur souris et les salue, pour les encourager. » 

Anne-Cécile, habitante du quartier Pont de Flandre. Découvrez ici les réactions des participants à la lecture à voix haute