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Jobs in Sports: Turning Your Passion into a Career




Many young people are passionate about sports. They practice, watch, cheer on their team, some even dream of a career playing sports. But are they aware that there are hundreds of jobs that relate to sports?

“Jobs in Sports: Turning Your Passion into a Career” explores the wide variety of jobs in the industry through the portraits and stories of people working in this field. Through these written and drawn portraits, we hope to educate and inspire young people about where their passion for sports can take them.

Thanks to participants from the Meltin’Club Paris and Panagon, and with support from the City of Paris and Paris Habitat, this exhibit was installed on the Stalingrad playgrounds in the 19th arrondissement of Paris on October 2020 and was extended until March 2021.

The exhibit has been part of several events… either cancelled or postponed due to the health crisis. The written stories illustrated with drawn portraits and exhibited in a public space allow for new types of encounters.

François Dagnaud, Mayor of the 19th arrondissement, visits the exhibit with assistants Halima Jemni and Xavier Golczyk

« I came across the portraits on my way to the métro with my son. It was early, cold, and still dark out. With the virus, the streets have been pretty empty. Seeing those smiling faces made us feel so good! They warmed up the area and created a sense of togetherness.

We are all in such a hurry, passing by on the streets but never stopping to talk. I’ve met quite a few people here but we are so busy, we tend to just stay within our little circle of friends. With these portraits, I’ve discovered new people, and I’m so moved by their life stories.

Now, in the morning, after I go jogging, I have a coffee and read the portraits. They fill the space in a perfect way, without taking it over. It’s just wonderful to see them in this space! »

Mitzi, resident of the 19th arrondissement

In preparing these portraits, Christine Boulanger met with Assitan, Bülent, Falassa, Jean, Laura, Syra, Yacine and Youssouf online during the first lockdown or in person just after. She invited some young people to join her.

« It was very interesting to meet Yousri: he had already done a lot for someone his age and during our meeting, I sort of took on a mentoring role. Compared to a typical interview, this special format really encouraged us to speak freely. »

Bülent, one of the portrait subjects for this exhibit


« I ask a few questions, I break the ice, then the interview quickly turns into a conversation. I pick up on a word, dig into it, and then let things flow without trying to control the conversation. This is active listening. »

Christine is always looking for an anecdote to illustrate the profound human experience of each subject, one that each of us will be able to relate to.

« I try to reveal the thing that we all have in common: our humanity. Inspiring portraits anchored in reality, so that we can see ourselves differently, see each other differently, see the world differently. »

See some examples

The next step in the project is to find other spaces to exhibit or project the portraits, complemented by workshops and booklets that can be distributed.

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