A one-day workshop (training course)

Portraying oneself – Portrait art as a storytelling approach









That very innovative training course is a plus added to our offer and our consultants are more confident hence more productive. »

Nellie, coordinator


The participatory approach of drawing portraits and telling stories has allowed the consultants to identify their strengths, in what they do and who they are, in order to highlight their assets for their clients.


That moment of collective training allows each and everyone to discover themselves through the interested and kind look of others. Through the attention and active listening tools and techniques that characterize our approach, the participants worked on how they see themselves, how they introduce themselves to others, how they tell their own stories.




Objectives :

  • Build a consistent speech and a unique offer

  • Increase self-awareness to better address (future) clients

  • Identify assets and learn to better highlight them

  • Develop confidence and consistency




The workshop started off with a rather unusual exercise! Gradually the quality of the words put on
emotions generated trust. Eventually, I caught myself writing a genuine storytelling. Thank you! »

Catherine, consultant

An original workshop which allowed me to let go so that I could better connect with others and with myself. »

Christelle, consultant

The participants left with practical tools to carry on with the work and improve the key elements
which had emerged during the workshop. This collective maieutic exercise aims to raise selfawareness and awareness of the other. It is at the root of self-confidence hence of selling…


I really appreciated that disruptive approach to the subject, that attention paid to what we feel. »

Marina, consultant

Très bonne synergie de groupe grâce à des outils développés par l’animatrice. Au top ! »

Clément, consultant et formateur