Faces of Noisy-Le-Sec

Creation and participative production of portraits of workers, residents and members of community groups | ICF Habitat La Sablière




ICF Habitat La Sablière, the subsidiary of train operator SNCF, manages an apartment building at Noisy-Le-Sec which comprises 397 apartments in a special development zone (ZAC). There are plans to build, just opposite the apartment building, a further 600 apartments and 3000 m2 of shops and businesses. A new street will also join the apartment building to the city centre and a building with 90 apartments will be demolished. 


During this period of major change, where community links are even more important, ICF Habitat wanted to empower the residents of the building. The suburbs with social housing also have a reputation, too often a bad one. However, they have strong, generous and skilled communities. Whether they are residents, caretakers or community groups, they all contribute to the construction of the identity of this apartment building, which is rich with their stories and respective lives … and yet they might not necessarily always know each other.


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In the end, there is a satisfaction to see what we share in daily life without realising it, but also the shared interests and values, then a new relationship is created. We took a chance and it paid off ! »

Ariane Mavroïdis, 
Director of Social Urban Development Social Urbain, ICF Habitat La Sablière