Académie Fratellini - 3ème édition de

Académie Fratellini - 3ème édition de " Mon Quartier, C'est la Plaine "

Faces of Saint-Denis

Creation of drawn and self-descriptive portraits of the residents and workers of Saint Denis, a participative production and an informative, travelling exhibition | ICF Habitat La Sablière




Train operator SNCF’s housing division, ICF Habitat La Sablière is a social housing company which provides affordable, rental housing in the high-demand Paris region. At an apartment block in Saint-Denis, which had been damaged by fire and disturbed by regular construction work, the Social Urban Development service wanted to renovate the site beyond the merely technical requirements.


The portrait project was thus proposed to the community relations teams and residents, as a way of fostering community links in a new way and, more broadly, to highlight the community spirit and skills of the residents of social housing districts and the people who work there. The portraits created new connections and enriched the social contacts between residents of the apartment block. Some neighbours discovered common interests. A worker in the building, who was rather shy told us his life story… and everybody enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the presentation of the portraits.


Exhibited at various times, the portraits showcase the residents of social housing and helps to put a human face on the city.


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These portraits gave me a new perspective of our residents and our teams. A chance to change certain hasty judgements.
The blinkers of the professional world make us overlook the human skills at the heart of a team. These portraits are like a door which opens on to another. »

Agnès Prudhomme, Responsable d’Unité de Gestion Territoriale, ICF Habitat La Sablière