The founder

It’s the desire to get to know better the people with whom we live, work and meet in daily life but don’t really see, which motivated me to draw my first portraits.




  • Graduate of l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Olivier de Serres in communication spaces, and of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in marketing B to B.

  • 10 years as a journalist, graphic artist and web designer in Paris and London.

  • 10 years as a development manager and consultant.


2015, a turning point: nothing will ever be the same again.


Fighting against the tendency to turn inwards and driven by a great need for beauty, I take the first step : my weapon will be drawn and written portraits.


The reactions about my work make me want to continue. At each meeting, I search for the angle, the expression, the look which will allow the person to see themselves differently but to recognise themselves, and for others to see the person in a new light, to see a new face. Throughout all of my meetings, I write these stories that you glimpse in the eyes of the models.


Visages d’en Faces comes to life : the portrait is drawn and described, personal and collective, unique and universel, exhibited and shared. My approach becomes a business. The portraits multiply and lead to events, to allow meetings between individuals brought together through life in one place.


Visages d’en Faces is an invitation to discover yourself and the other, in a new way. The benefits are intangible, it’s an experience.

I needed beauty. I wanted to offer a new way to open the eyes, to allow curiosity with kindness and respect. My portraits highlight that extra bit of soul which allows you see those around you in a new light. »

C. Boulanger