A travelling exhibition (corporate communication)

We put our hearts into it – Bringing people together to support change




An organization operating in 12 regions of France chose to address their staff through an original communication campaign that embodies their values.


The exhibition “We put our hearts into it” highlights in an authentic manner how diverse jobs and regions are. People who work on the ground daily are brought to light: their portraits are drawn and their stories are told.


The objective was to tell the employees’ stories, diverse as they are, tell about their lives and the work they do. Show how each one of them contributes to our structure. Give space to the justified sense of pride of belonging to such a group. The comments on the exhibition were particularly positive – even enthusiastic! »

Marc, communications manager



Objectives :


  • Support change

  • Embody the company’s core values in an innovative corporate communication campaign

  • Strengthen sense of belonging

  • Enhance the status of all the jobs

  • Show real appreciation to the teams and get them on board



My portrait work highlights that extra touch of soul, gives a special feel to change perspectives on those we live with. They are true-to-life yet they are my interpretation. I aim to encapsulate life in a gaze, not to describe the person. In the stories, I share a moment. »

Christine Boulanger, founder of Visages d’en Faces




Visages d’en Faces worked on the project with a photographer and video maker. Their complementary approaches enable to have an overall view of the job and the person who does it. A portrait is drawn, a look is put on paper, a slice of life story is told. A snapshot is taken. Behind each portrait, there is a person you get to know.


Filming the portrait being drawn, that privileged moment of sincere conversations, emphasized that dimension of the project. It adds yet another asset to the communication campaign.


See some examples

Les salariés se sont reconnus dans ces visages, à la fois familiers mais qu’on découvrait aussi pour la première fois avec cette intensité. »

Marc, directeur de la communication