Quartiers en Cultures

Creation and outdoor exhibition of drawn and self-descriptive portraits | Federation of Social and Sociocultural Centres in Paris




The Federation of Paris Social Centres wanted a common thread for communications around the 2nd edition of its Quartiers en Cultures festival, involving 23 Paris districts. The residents were up for the game of portraits to enhance the image of the working-class districts of Paris, show their cultural diversity and highlight their knowledge and skills.


Their portraits were also an opportunity to give a voice to people who only recently learnt French. The portraits were then exhibited in the Paris districts throughout the festival and used on the festival’s posters and website.


The portrait experience gave certain participants a new energy and desire to become more involved in community groups and activities.


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There is respect in your way to do portraits. And each subject is different. »

Mylène, resident of the 13th arrondissement of Paris et portrait subject for the festival Quartiers en Cultures



We were delighted by the personal contribution of Ali Konate during the drawing of his portrait and the meeting with you. We would like to thank you, on behalf of all the people at the centre, to have contributed, with Ali, to our cultural festival for residents. »

Marie-Line Benoît Hervé, Director of the Solidarité Roquette social centre, 11th arrondissement of Paris